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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fred Said FREEBIES!!!

You know you want 'em!!!

Here are the links to the Fred She Said freebies. I will add to the list as new freebies are added.
~Blessing Sentiment 2010
~Whazzup Chicky!  (2010 )
~Blue patterned Paper Roses & leaves Sheet ( 2010 )
~Petit Fleurs digi-papers  ( 2010 )
~Tulip Trio ( OWH freebie ) 2010
~Sentiment-Take Time to Enjoy the Beauty Around You 2010
~Tie-Dyed Cherry Blossom Paper 2010
~Balloons 2010
~Flower 2010
~Paper Pricking Pattern 2009
~Christmas Medallion 2009
~Pink Lacy Patterned Paper 2009
~Flowers and Snowy Patterned Paper 2009
~Pinstripe Patterned Paper 2009
~Word Art 2009
~Blue Painted Flower Sheet 2009
~Bitty Flower Background Paper 2009
~Flower Pot 2009
~Patterned Paper 2009
~Freebie from Nolan 2009
~Striped Patterned Paper 2009
~Flower 2009
~Patterned Paper 2009
~Pink Patterned Paper 2009
~Snowflake Medallion 2008
~Doodledallion 2008
~Flowers 2008
~Plain Papers 2008
~Monster2 by Nolan 2008
~Monster1 by Nolan 2008
~General Greetings Sheet 2008
~Flowers 2008
~Background Papers 2008
~Flower Tile 2007
~Poinsettia Foldy Flower 2007
~Snowflake Flower Medallion Sheet 2007
~Snowflake Flower Medallion Christmasy Colors 2007
~Snowflake Flower Medallion 2007
~Foldy Flowers and Instructions 2007
~Tea Bag Folding Instruction Sheet 2007
~A Little Bit of Everything 2007
~Blue Daisy 2007
~Flower Doodle-dallion 2007
~Dancing Daisy 2007
~Patterned Paper 2007
~Patterned Paper 2007
~Doodly Hearts 2007
~Dover Stained Glass 2007
~Water-Colored Marble Papers 2007
~Doodled Tiles 2007
~Doodled Tiles 2007
~Doodle-dallion 2007
~Flower Tile 2007
~Lace Tile 2007
~Paper Pricking Patterns 2007
~Weird Flower Tiles 2007
~Flower Thingies 2007
~Butterfly Doodles 2007
~Echinacea Tiles 2007
~Valentile Tiles 2007
~Doodle Tiles 2007
~Digital Marbling 2007
~Christmas Tiles 2006
~Foldy Flowers 2006

ENJOY!!! Happy downloading!


  1. Ditto that - WOW!! Thanks! I'm going to become a follower. I'll follow anyone for freebies. ; )

  2. Tracey, Maria (Joyful Stamper) has mentioned this blog a lot but I never paid attention today seeing "flower" and I thought - hey, why aren't I following her? Well I'm a follower - I love flowers! These are AMAZING! WOW!

  3. Stunning flowers as always. I have followed your work for a little while now and am so grateful for all the freebies you have given. Thanks so much


  4. Thanks for the freebies. I just heard about this site and you have some wonderful digis.

  5. Hi!

    Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this article.

    I'd appreciate your letting me know if that's OK.


    Nancy Ward

  6. Thank you for the freebie....I love them...